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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Theme Park Adventure Pizza Meet & Greet Recap - March 2010

Haunt love in the house!
On Saturday, March 6, 2010, Theme Park Adventure had its March Pizza Meet & Greet at Shakey's in Anaheim, California. It was a blast and we had a decent turnout, regardless of the fact that it was a rainy day!

What is a TPA Pizza Meet & Greet?

Some of you may be new to the concept of a pizza-based meet and greet event, which is perfectly okay! Waaaaaaaay back in the day when the Internet came to be in the form of BBS groups (Bulletin Board System), people wanted to connect in person as well as online, so they held public gatherings - most everyone likes pizza, so the pizza meet and greet was born. Theme Park Adventure started its online years as a BBS under a larger system Rick West named "Black Rainbow BBS", so we've been doing this a long time; longer than some of our readers and fans have been alive!

And then there's Kritter...
Today, the pizza meet and greet remains a strong bonding and friendship-building tool that Theme Park Adventure uses to bring its readers together for some good old-fashioned personal interaction with each other once a month or so. The pizza gatherings are also designed to entice new TPAers to come out as well and join the group. TPA's pizza meets have been gaining in popularity as they are held more frequently (at this time, in the Orange County area) each month.

While Theme Park Adventure has started planning reader gatherings other than simple pizza meets, the quick and relatively cheap idea of gathering for some slices and just hanging out remains very easy and doable for most people, so pizza meets will always be the usual way we get together.

Johanna and Jake... yeah.
Who typically comes to a TPA pizza meet?

Anyone and everyone that is part of (or soon to be part of) the Theme Park Adventure online community is welcome to attend our monthly meets and get to know other readers. We have a really cool, totally diverse readership that includes younger folks, industry employees and veteran executives of the themed entertainment business. TPA has always served fans of all ages and walks of life - that's something we're really proud of and vow to continue for years to come. Theme Park Adventure is an all-inclusive group, and we welcome everyone!

That's one bad monkey
Many of our readers are dark industry, or "Halloween fans". In fact, many of TPA's readers are associated with various haunts around the country, including Knott's Halloween Haunt and Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. And many TPAers are simply fans - some of them very hard core!

Halloween is our company's favorite time of the year, so there is a huge emphasis on haunted attractions and events - especially in California - each season and all year long on our site. If you're one of the "spooky kids" - well, then TPA and its readers are just what you need in an online community; and in person!

Another bad monkey: Kevin
How do I attend a TPA pizza meet?

Just show up! It's as simple as that!

If the thought of attending a pizza meet alone is unappealing to you (which we certainly understand), recruit a friend to come along - the more, the merrier! And our group will grow even faster as your friends become fans too! Of course, plenty of people do come alone - and after the initial few moments of, hi... I'm new that are always a bit awkward-feeling, everyone is right at home and new friends are made. In no time, you'll feel like you've known other TPAers forever! Like we've said, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us!
A TPA family affair!

What goes on at a TPA pizza gathering?

Typically, whenever we host a meet and greet, it's just that - we all hang out, eat, drink and socialize. Readers connect with each other and share stories, pictures of their travels, laughs and so on. It's not rocket science - it's a pizza dinner!

Theme Park Adventure also uses the meets to discuss future events and ideas with our readers face-to-face, as well as host small "games" such as trivia challenges for prizes.

Basically, the TPA pizza meets are designed as social events with little structure. You come, eat, meet and hang with us. Once in a while, as with this month's meet - the event takes on a bigger form and spills over into something more than a simple gathering...

Invasion of Yogurtland
This month, the TPA pizza meet evolved into madness far beyond a pizza greet! After spending a couple hours at Shakey's in Anaheim, part of our group decided dessert was in order, so we invaded a nearby Yogurtland!

Yogurtland locations are relatively small, so when our group walked in and took up 95% of the available seating and tables, it was a sight to behold! There weren't many of us - but we absolutely took the place over for an hour! It was awesome.

Did the madness stop there? Oh, hell no!

Once TPAers wiped out Yogurtland, part of the group proceeded on to the Disneyland Resort for a late-night viewing of Captain EO! While planned Disneyland reader meets are rare (because when we plan an event, we don't want anyone to feel excluded - and not everyone has Annual Passes to the Disneyland Resort), they do happen - and did! Those without passes hung out at the ESPN Zone and drank while the other part of the group rode the Monorail into Tomorrowland and made a beeline for the Magic Eye Theater! Afterward, the group also ventured into New Orleans Square for a ride through The Haunted Mansion! It was so much fun!

Happy Birthday, Shea!
Long-time Theme Park Adventure staffer Shea Foley was celebrating his birthday as well that night - so it was an extra-special treat to have him and his fiancee, Erin, join us for pizza at Shakey's for a bit! Happy Birthday, Shea!

When and where is the next TPA pizza meet?

As of now, it appears that we'll be having our next pizza meet in Buena Park at a huge pizza location called John's Incredible Pizza Co. If you haven't heard of it, check out the site - it's like Chuck E. Cheese's on steroids - much bigger, much better food (all-you can eat BUFFET, kids!) and the place even has a couple rides and mini-bowling lanes. It's nuts!

To avoid swimming waist-high in little kids, we are planning to host the meet at 8pm on a Friday night (as opposed to 6pm on a Saturday - which is not great for groups wanting to gather at any pizzeria), since the venue is open until 11pm. There are several themed rooms to choose from, and we've already got a pretty clear idea of where we want to meet. We will spill those beans shortly!

Team Reveles in da house!
You're all invited - and encouraged to come join the fun and madness that is a TPA Pizza Meet & Greet event! Bring your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, mom (okay, maybe not mom) or friends and have a blast getting to know us, hanging out with fellow theme park fans and making new pals!


As we mentioned, there was a trivia challenge during the March pizza meet that stumped even the most veteran of our theme park fans! We even encourage using cell phones as our readers frantically search for answers to our questions! While the prizes have already been given out, perhaps you'd like to take a stab at some of the questions that were asked this month:

Name FIVE attractions/shows that are part of Disney's California Adventure's expansion plans.

Trivia time with Rick West!
Name FIVE attractions from the Universal Studios Hollywood tram tour that no longer exist.

What movie-related symbol is permanently displayed between the two steam stacks atop the paddle boat inside the finale scene of Disneyland's Splash Mountain attraction? BONUS: What is the name of that paddle boat?

Name FIVE walk-through attractions/mazes that have existed at Universal Studios Hollywood that were NOT exclusively part of the Halloween Horror Nights event.

Name the location at Disneyland where at one time, guests could purchase both Coke and Pepsi.

Name 11 roller coasters that have called Knott's Berry Farm home since the park's opening.

We'll see you in April for our next event!

And now, MORE unflattering Pictures:

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